Beyond the Classroom


Boarding gives you time to cement old friendships and build new ones, to balance work and extra curricular commitments, to develop your time management skills, and to take on leadership roles.

Above all you will develop your independence, supported by staff and peers, and you will be prepared for whatever awaits you as you move on to life after school!


In addition to the Speech Hall Library, the Senior School Library also provides excellent support for pupils in the Sixth Form.  The library takes a selection of national newspapers and magazines including the Economist, The Week and Spectator. We also subscribe to an impressive list of online services. The library also has a school membership to Surrey University Library for all Sixth Form students.


There are many opportunities to participate in sport at different levels of competition in Sixth Form. Girls are able to represent the School in various sports for the Senior teams. Practices take place weekly and with extra frees in your timetable, you are able to manage your time more effectively.

Tuesday afternoons are devoted to physical activity. The  whole Sixth Form comes together to take part in  activities which include yoga, trampolining, badminton or session in the fitness suite. The PE staff also allow girls to take part in a chosen sport outside school if it is not offered during the allocated time; for example, rowing, golf or horse riding.


There are many opportunities to continue with or take up a variety of instruments and play in musical ensembles. Girls are able to take on roles of responsibility, whether that is leading Camerata, our elite strings group, or coaching orchestral groups in the Prep. School. A highlight of the Lower Sixth year is the Sixth Form musical, which is directed, produced and choreographed as well as performed by members of the Sixth Form after their AS examinations.

Jennifer Bate Organ Scholarship

This is an exciting and valuable opportunity for a girl who plays the organ and would like to develop her all-round performance expertise. Jennifer Bate is an internationally acclaimed organist and a world authority on organ music.

The JBOS is open to any student who meets our academic standards for Sixth Form entry and who can show she has the potential to maximise her talents through this Scholarship which is awarded in conjunction with Guildford Cathedral. A full bursary place may be available to support the Scholarship.

Young Enterprise

Lower Sixth students have the opportunity to set up and run their own private limited company as part of the Young Enterprise’s ‘Company Programme. ’ Students elect their own management team and allocate roles and responsibilities; design and produce a product of their own; raise start-up finance and finally, wind up the business, producing an end of year balance sheet and profit and loss account. The Company Programme is designed to be run over a school year. Students meet once per week and are assisted by visiting business advisors and their link teacher.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award

Gold 'D of E' is not only a fantastic achievement but also an amazing experience.  If you have completed Bronze and Silver already you should have no problem with Gold. You still need to have a skill, a sport and a service, two of which you need to do for one year and one of which you need to do for six months. For Gold you also have to complete a residential trip, which can range from cookery courses to foreign exchanges.

Charity Involvement

Raising money for good causes is a very important aspect of life at St. Catherine’s. The Sixth Form Charities Board aims to promote further awareness of and maintain links already established with schools and projects in Afghanistan, Kenya, South Africa and Vietnam and also works to identify other areas where it feels it can offer help. The Board  organises three major events a year, decided and agreed upon by the students. In the past the girls have arranged very successful fashion and talent shows, African themed dinner dances and jumble sales and raised between them in excess of £6,000 each year. Sixth Form students have been able to take the money out to some of these link projects to see with their own eyes how the money can be used to benefit the children.

Discussion & Debate

We host regular discussion evenings where the Sixth Form choose and introduce topics which are as far ranging as they want them to be.  There are also opportunities for debating inside and outside school.  Eminent speakers are invited to address the Sixth Form on important issues of the day.

Gap Year

Some girls decide to take a gap year and apply for their studies under a system which is known as PQA (Post Qualification Application). St Catherine’s provides extensive support via the PQA Tutor for these applications including drop-in-sessions during the Autumn Term after A Level examinations.