Calendar of Events

A CALENDAR OF EVENTS is published annually with the full listings of all the events coming up through the year.

As well as our major concerts, the following activities also take place:

  • Informal Concerts
    There are one or two Informal Concerts every term, giving the opportunity for those new to performing to sing or play a piece to a small, friendly and encouraging audience. These are also intended for girls who want to try through exam pieces before the big day, or as a target performance for those who would prefer not to take regular Music Exams.
  • Festivals

    We regularly enter groups and individuals for Festivals and Competitions. As well as the Chamber Music for Schools Competition, we also enter girls for the Woking, Godalming and Farnham Festivals where the school has achieved many successes with both solo and ensemble performances. Alongside individual and choir trophies, the school has previously won the Jubilee Trophy in the Godalming Festival for significant achievement in both group and individual classes, and for supporting the Festival with the most groups entered by one organisation or school.

  • Masterclasses
    The Masterclass Series is central to the provision for our most gifted performers.  In recent years Masterclasses have been given by Martin Outram, professor of viola at the Royal Academy of Music and a member of the Maggini Quartet, Andrew Sherwood from Trinity College of Music, internationally acclaimed pianists James Lisney and Simon Nicholls, the brass quartet Bella Tromba, choral workshops with Ken Burton and Joanna Forbes, and contemporary music workshops with tutors from the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford.
  • Trips

    We try to organise trips to concerts whenever possible.  Hearing professional musicians or orchestras live is very exciting – especially when you are only a few feet away! Please speak to Miss Hayley for more information!

  • Tours
    One of the best things about being in a group such as a choir or an orchestra is the friendships you make with people who share your enthusiasm for music. Every two years the Senior Chamber Choir and Camerata have the opportunity of going on a tour.  This is obviously good from a musical perspective, but it is also a great experience socially.  We visit places of interest, and try to soak up the culture of a place in museums, cafes and piazzas!  The following tours have taken place in recent years.
    2009 – Slovakia (Bratislava) and Austria (Vienna)
    2011 – Northern Italy (Padua, Verona, Venice and Lake Garda)
    2013 – Austria on a ‘Sound of Music’ tour (with performances in Salzburg Cathedral and other film locations)
    2015 – Sweden (Stockholm, including a performance in Uppsala Cathedral)
  • Musicals
    There have been many highly-successful collaborations with the Drama Department over the years. The last three productions were The Matchgirl, The Sound of Music and Return to the Forbidden Planet. Not only do girls sing, act and dance on stage, they also have opportunities to play in the orchestra or work on the technical side of the Musical. A great deal of fun is had by everyone in both rehearsals and performances.