GCSE Art & Design

Edexcel GCSE:
60% Personal Portfolio
40% Externally Set Assignment
Examination: 10 hours over several sessions.

The GCSE Art course is for anyone who has an enjoyment and interest in the subject. They  do not have to be the best drawer, painter or ceramicist as the course is designed to improve the core skills and understanding of the formal elements to allow the students to have complete freedom to express their ideas and create work that is in their style and is an culmination their own personal investigations.

The coursework is split into two projects that run for around 20 weeks each. In these projects the students will investigating a range of artists, experimenting with new and exciting materials, learning to develop ideas from initial concept to realisation and most importantly find their own style and way of working.

  • Project 1 is a traditional drawing, painting and printmaking project that focuses on observational skills and the formal elements of art. The themes are very general, for example Still Life or Landscape and are about showing the students how to develop an idea and find their own style of working in 2D
  • Project 2 is a ceramics project that looks at the more abstract elements of art and shows the students how to develop and design a 3D piece for initial idea to final construction.

At the end of the course there is a ten-hour practical exam, for which there are 8 school weeks to prepare for. This is a theme set by the exam. board, Edexcel, and is a culmination of the skills learnt over the course.

Sketchbooks are continuously used throughout the course and are an invaluable tool for recording, and developing ideas, refining skills and evaluating and realising their intentions. They provide the opportunity to experiment with new techniques and to carry out research from primary and contextual sources.