Match Teas - Routines & Etiquette

 Match teas are an important part of our Games Programme routines. They provide the chance for you to re-fuel after exercising and also to enjoy the social aspect of sport: camaraderie with your team mates and your opponents.
You should

  1. Accompany a member of the opposing team off the pitch/court at the end of the game. Don't forget the first step is to walk with her to collect her belongings and then take her to where yours are. Remind her that she needs to remove her boots and put on her trainers for the teas in the dining room and ensure she changes her footwear near the path/concrete areas, not on the grass. Do not divide to do this as you will not meet up again.  Introduce yourself nicely and get her to engage with you and talk.  Just plunge in and ask questions.
  2. Lead your opponent-partner to the dining room entering through the internal door. You will need to walk around the back of the dining room and use the entrance to the building opposite the Textiles room.
  3. There will be a member of staff on duty who will send you up to the servery.  Lead your partner to the servery. You should NOT go off in two separate team huddles & we are expecting you to host your guests properly to ensure this doesn’t happen.
  4. Sit with your partner and other members of both your home team and the opponents you have played. Avoid sitting all one school on one side of the table and all the other school on the other side. 
  5. After tea, take your litter & your partner’s litter to the bins and return to the tables ready for registration. Remind your partner to collect her belongings and then say ‘goodbye’ to your partner.
  6. Girls will then be required to ‘sign out’ with the member of staff on duty or a delegated captain. These sheets will then be collated at the end of the fixture by the P.E Department. As with the transport and match policy, any girls who have need excused match teas would have had prior permission with their teacher/ coach the week before.

Please also note that any match teas between approximately 12.00pm and 2.00pm will be aimed at providing a lunch for the girls.

Your parents are warmly invited to take a direct route to the dining room via the external doors to enjoy post-match refreshments, too, and a chance to relax and catch up or meet visiting parents.   There will be an electric boot brush available for them should they need to clean their footwear before entering the dining room. Girls should remember to follow the correct procedure for entry into the dining room, rather than with their parents.

Places in our teams are dependent on match play and skill. However, being a good host and fulfilling all the duties of team membership are important and are factored into team selection, too. 

Please bear in mind your responsibilities from the moment your opposition arrive on the field of play until you say farewell at the end of match tea.

November, 2014