Sixth Form Lectures

The Annual Sixth Form Lectures

The Sixth Form Lecture Series is a well-established programme of talks, arranged especially for our sixth form students, designed to engage and inform their interest in a wide range of topics. It is a wonderful opportunity for the girls to be exposed to a range of highly prestigious speakers from a variety of backgrounds and academic disciplines. The lecture programme allows them to engage with subject areas that they may no longer be studying and to have the opportunity to hear from academics and commentators of the highest calibre.  Such well-known and inspirational speakers are a wonderful way of allowing our students to see just what can be achieved in so many different fields and of encouraging them to think that anything is possible with enough passion and dedication. Inspiration and aspiration go hand in hand!  With the opening of the Auditorium and the Anniversary Halls, the opportunity arose to embrace the parent body, alumnae and wider community and the Sixth Form Lectures are now open to others to attend and thus a new dimension of sophistication is added to these important educational events for the most senior girls, who also learn from taking their place in question and answer sessions alongside adults in the audiences. 

We are delighted to have hosted the following speakers at St Catherine’s:

  • Dame Helen Ghosh – The National Trust
  • Helen Rappaport – Caught in the Revolution
  • Jane Garvey – Presenter of BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour
  • Jo Salter - First Female Fighter Pilot
  • Shami Chakrabarti - Human Rights
  • Dr Ellen Stofan - Looking Outward, Inward and Homeward    
  • Isabel Hardman - 2015: the year of topsy-turvy politics
  • Baroness Susan Greenfield - Challenges faced by women in Science: How insights from brain research affect us all
  • Charles Emmerson - 1913: The World before the Great War
  • Francine Stock - In Glorious Technicolour – a century of film and how it has shaped us
  • Germaine Greer - 40 Years of Feminism and Fun 
  • Piers Brandon - The Decline and Fall of the British Empire   
  • Will Randell - A Road Less Travelled
  • Paul Donovan -  Beyond hope, or reason for optimism? The future of the world economy
  • Prof Antony Young - A Tan to Die For
  • Prue Leith - Life on a Plate
  • Wendy Cope - A poetry Reading form her own work
  • Dr Anthony Seldon - Tony Blair biographer and Head of Brighton College.
  • Prof Roy Anderson - The extent of the threat of emerging infectious diseases
  • Dr Oleg Gordievsky - Britain and the Soviet Union during the Cold War.
  • Mark Thompson - CEO of Channel 4, reporting on the Iraq War.
  • Prof Paul Robertson - Music, a soundtrack of the soul.
  • David Shepherd - Conservation issues in Africa.
  • UA Fanthorpe - A reading of her own poetry Alumna Class of 1949
  • Dr Ruth Deech - Infertility and Ethics Chairman of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority 1994-2002