Role of Team Captains

St Catherine’s Sports Team Captains Should:

Lead by example:

  • Check the boards regularly for new fixtures.
  • Communicate with their team when they have identified new fixtures.
  • Tick the boards for availability and transport.
  • Be punctual for practices and fixtures.
  • Send messages to the team via the coach and ensure the team always prioritise practices and matches where possible.
  • Thank the teacher.

Manage their team

  • Identify team mates that have not ticked the board and encourage them to do so.
  • Be responsible for the warm up.
  • Coin toss before a match.
  • Support the coach/teacher.
  • Have something to say (if asked) at quarter time/half time.
  • Encourage the team.
  • Three cheers at the end of a match.
  • Gather up their teams bibs.
  • Praise their team.

Host visiting players

  • Lead their team into tea, ensuing that each team member brings her ‘partner’ from the visiting team and entertains her.
  • Make sure their team clears up after match teas.
  • Thank the opposition (teachers/umpires).