Annual Report

Stoner Annual Report 2017-2018

Stoner House Captains -  Catriona & Elizabeth (L6)

This has been perhaps one of Stoner’s most successful and exciting years to date. We started the year with rehearsals for the the House Drama competition and our play was based on the traditional folk song The Gentlemen. We were delighted to gain first place in the overall competition, with special mentions going to Cat, Charlotte and Izzy for their excellent performances. A big thank you also goes to Connie, Libby (House Captains) and Millie (Drama Prefect) for writing such an impactful play.

 In addition to the busy drama rehearsal schedule, many girls also enjoyed participating in the House netball competition -  we came fifth in the seniors and fourth in the middles. This was followed by victory in the House Lacrosse competition on St Catherine’s day. There was much excitement during the finals and we were delighted to achieve first place in both the Senior and the Middle competitions. During the St Cat’s day celebrations the U5 also ran our annual charity hot chocolate sale, raising £660. This was divided between the Arundel & Brighton Lourdes Sick Fund and Guildford Samaritans.

 Then began the Spring Term, which started off with House Gym and Singing rehearsals. The theme for the gymnastics was musicals, with our musicals being My Fair Lady and The Commitments. We all had very upbeat routines choreographed by the L6, and everyone was very pleased to gain 2nd place in this event. Special mention goes to Izzy Lamb for coming 1st in the solo section for the 2nd year in a row! Those who weren't involved in the gym were busy rehearsing for the annual House singing competition with our Mika medley and The Happening by Diana Ross and the Supremes. The songs were expertly arranged and taught to the house by the Music Prefects, with special commendation to Catherine for winning best composition! All in all, the Spring Term was a big success for Stoner!

 We also had a notably busy Summer Term with ongoing House rounders and tennis competitions  - well done to everyone who played in these events! We ended the year with a fantastic sports day where we came 3rd in the House Athletics Relay Trophy, 1st in the Golden Mile and 3rd overall in House Athletics. We were also delighted to come 2nd in the Swimming Relay Trophy and 4th overall in House Swimming.

 It has been a very exciting year and girls in the House have enjoyed participating and supporting each other during the various House and Charity events. Following various successful cake sales the middle school were able to send £300 to the Rob George Foundation.

 At the end of the year  we had to say goodbye to our wonderful tutor team consisting of  Mrs EP, Mrs Hermitage and Mrs Divine and we welcomed in to the house Miss Cox, Mr Reed and Miss Kerleau. Thank you very much to the U6 team who led us through such an amazing year, with special mentions to our House Captains Connie and Libby. You set us such good examples for our U6 year and we wish you all the best of luck in the future!