Photography - A Level

Examination Board: Edexcel

Why study Photography?

Everyone has a camera on their phone but not many people know how to take a truly great photograph. It is not about taking a snapshot, but about capturing the atmosphere, feeling and essence of a moment and expressing your view to other people. You will learn how to use the latest camera equipment and studio lighting to start developing your eye for an image. You will then go on to learn how to create a narrative and use the formal elements of colour, composition, perspective and form to allow you to express your own personal interests or style.

You will also be learning how to use film as a medium and how time and image can be brought together to enhance the message you want to express. Most importantly the course is about you. It’s about finding your style of working and developing your personal interest in the subject.

Course Content

The start of the course is more traditional where you will learn formal elements of Photography and how to use digital manipulation to enhance an image and develop your ideas through sustained investigations to a number of outcomes. The second coursework project is more self guided and where you will investigate an area of Photography that interests you. You will also write a 2500 word extended essay on the theme of the project you have chosen. The final exam is a topic given by the exam board in January of the final year.


A Level: 
60% Personal Investigation: Practical work and a personal study; 
a written essay of 2000 - 3000 words 

40% Externally Set Assignment: assessed as an independent unit: 
15 hour examination.