KS3 Art & Design

Key Stage 3

The Art department is a vibrant and creative area that is open to all pupils in the school. We want students to experience many aspects of Art over the KS3 years, introducing them to a range of techniques from painting to etching and ceramics to photography. We aim to enthuse and encourage the pupils through a range of projects where they will engage with art in its widest forms. The pupils are taught the skills to express themselves visually, develop personal projects and ideas and produce final pieces in a range of media.

We start with the belief that everyone can draw, they just have to be shown the techniques and skills involved and this is the basis to all projects. Learning to observe correctly and translate that through media is the essence of the subject and a skill that takes time and practice. Our key aim at KS3 is to create enthusiasm and passion for art within the students and help them develop their own personal style and interests.

The History of Art is also very important at KS3 and all the projects link to different areas of art, from Art from different Cultures such as the Aztecs and Greek art, all the way through to more contemporary movements. Pupils understanding of the contextual elements allow them to place their own work in the time line of Art.

In U3 and L4 the students have 2x10-week rotations with a prep. each week. In U4 they can choose to take the subject for the whole year and this allows them to develop a more in depth and personal expression within the subject. The U4 year is run like as a mini-foundation course, leading to GCSE.

There are many clubs and activities that take place on a weekly basis, allowing students to extend and develop their own projects outside the curriculum. The Art department is always open at lunchtimes and after school for students to use the facilities and to express their artistic side.