Charities Board



  • To promote an awareness of the international links we have as a school in Africa and Afghanistan and any other links we form in future years.
  • To attract funding for specific projects through fund raising activities.
  • To be a focused group as a catalyst for 2 or 3 major fund raising events bringing together Upper and Lower Six girls and developing their skills and strengths in leadership and organisation.


Approximately 12 sixth formers - six Upper 6 and six Lower 6 - coordinated by Mrs Jean Arrick and initially consisting of the six Nairobi girls plus six girls from the new Lower 6. They are selected from written applications and girls who are invited to join this group will be required to come to weekly meetings and have the commitment to get involved in all the fund raising activities.

The international links mentors for each year are co-opted for specific roles relating to making contacts within our partner schools through letters and cards. In future years it is envisaged that the international links mentors would be the representatives of the group.


  1. Fund-raising: 2 major events per year eg sixth form Christmas Dinner Dance, The Big Cat Walk Fashion Show, Africa concerts, but the specific events to be decided by the board.
  2. International links through letter writing and communications to establish worthwhile projects.
  3. Visits to link schools on a two year cycle. It is hoped that in future years a trip could be planned to St. Catherine’s Nairobi and even at some time a visit to Afghanistan to our sister school Sari Sang.