Here at St Catherine’s, a thriving Classics Department offers Latin, Classical Greek and Classical Civilisation. Classical subjects allow students to develop an incredibly broad range of skills (in particular, logical analysis and the evaluation of conflicting sources) and interests, as they touch upon just about every area of Greco-Roman civilisation. Studying the ancient languages is an enjoyable challenge and facilitates close analysis of some of the world’s most powerful and beautiful literature. We regularly send our students to read Classics at some of the country’s most prestigious universities. They then enter a range of exciting careers from Law and Management Consultancy to Publishing and careers in the Arts.

Over at the Prep School, pupils receive an introduction to studying Latin using resources linked to the Minimus course. Latin is compulsory for the first three years of the Senior School where we use the Cambridge Latin Course. We supplement its lively stories and clear grammatical explanations with rigorous material of our own. Both Latin and Greek are offered at GCSE level: Greek as a two-year accelerated course for really enthusiastic linguists. Students may continue with the Classical Languages at A Level, exploring their chosen language(s) more deeply and broadening their experience of texts by Classical authors. For AS Classical Civilisation, students take modules in Greek Epic and Greek Theatre. There is no linguistic element to this course as texts are studied in translation, allowing more time to explore the wider culture, society and beliefs of the Ancient Greeks.

Mrs Jessica Ashby, Head of Classics

Classics Staff Department
  • Mrs Jessica Ashby- Head of Department
    Mrs Ashby teaches Latin and Classics. She also runs the School's Linguistic Society.  She especially enjoys Latin poetry of the late Republic and early Empire.
  • Mrs Kirsty Meredith
    Mrs Meredith teaches Latin and Classics. She is the department expert on Greek Art and Architecture as well as being the Senior Housemistress.
  • Miss Grace Whittingham
    Miss Whittingham teaches Latin, Classical Greek and Classical Civilisation. She has a particular interest in the poetry of Ovid, especially his representation of women.
  • Dr Guy Brindley
    Dr Brindley teaches Latin, Classical Greek and Classical Civilisation. His doctoral research explored the theme of conflicted fatherhood in Greek Tragedy.