Curriculum - AS/A Level

Examination Board: Edexcel

Why study Business?

Have you ever wondered how Ryanair can sell its plane tickets for a fraction of the price charged by other airlines such as B.A. and still be a highly profitable business? Or what causes once successful companies such as Tesco and Gap, to go into decline? And why has Sainsbury teamed up with EDF Energy to supply electricity and gas? If you decide to study Business you will be able to answer these questions and a whole lot more. Studying Business will give you a critical insight into modern effective management. You will also gain an understanding of the role of the entrepreneur and business in society. Business and management is a growing subject at both undergraduate and post graduate level. There are now over a hundred MBA courses on offer in the UK and the numbers of students enrolling on them are increasing. At degree level many universities offer options to combine Business with a language; in today’s globalised business environment a Level Business is definitely an option worth considering.

Course Content

  • The key internal functions of business including: marketing, people management, finance and operations management.
  • How managers use quantitative and non-quantitative data in decision making, and the factors that affect whether a decision is successful.
  • Markets and the competitive environment in which businesses operate.  
  • Business ethics and corporate social responsibility, including environmental issues. 


AS Level: 2 x 1 hour 30 mins examinations at the end of the L6. 
Paper 1: Marketing and people: data response questions and an essay. 
Paper 2: Managing business activities: data response questions and an essay.

A Level: 3 x 2 hour examinations taken at the end of the U6. 
Paper 1: Marketing, people and global business: consisting of data response questions and an essay. 
Paper 2: Business activities, decisions and strategy: consisting of data response questions and an essay.
Paper 3: Investigating businesses in a competitive environment: data response questions based on a pre-released theme.