• Extra-curricular Drama opportunities are many at St. Catherine's, starting with weekly LAMDA classes for individuals or groups of girls who work towards certificates at many different levels up to Gold Medal Acting. Examinations can be taken at two sessions during the year, at the end of the autumn and spring terms. For more information about LAMDA, talk to Mrs Solly or email her on katie.solly@stcatherines.info.
  • The House Drama competition in December is a major highlight of the school year and an excellent training ground for young actresses and a show case for the more experienced. Every girl in the school has the chance to take part in a short play on a set theme, written and directed by the 6th form girls and House Captains, and rehearsed during House lunches. Themes are set by the House Mistresses and recent themes include: Historical Paintings;Shakespeare; Greek Myths and Legends; Modernised fairytales. Every year a prestigious guest adjudicator pronounces the winners and awards go to the best performed play, best script, and the best actress which will no doubt be as hotly contested as ever in this celebratory year. 
  • Two major School Drama Productions take place during the year: the Middle School production in October just before half-term, and the Senior Production, in February just before half-term. Both are for auditioned casts, but there are as many roles for the girls to become involved in backstage as on stage, in stage management, lighting, sound, wardrobe, props and publicity. We have a two-year cycle, of two straight plays for Middle and Senior School, followed by a Whole School musical every other year.
  • There is a two--year cycle of large scale productions at St Cat’s. In 2018-19, there was a whole school production of Sister Act. Previous musicals have included Return to the Forbidden Planet and West Side Story. Middle School Productions in previous years have included an adapted version of Terry Pratchett’s novel Mort,  with the Senior School Production of The Best Christmas Present in the World by Michael Morpurgo, adapted by Ollie Birch. .

Mrs Laura Grizzelle-Lang - Director of Drama

Whole School Productions
  • Whole School Production 2019: Sister Act - Please take a look at the programme
  • Whole School production 2015: Return to the Forbidden Planet: Rock-N-Roll version of The Tempest, set in space, complete with roller-skating robots and double-headed blue aliens!
  • Senior School 2014 Hamlet: a gritty re-working, set on “Denmark Estate” in London during the London riots of 2011, with the original royal status structure transposed to a gangland hierarchial setting. 
  • Middle School 2013 The Tempest: the opener for our St Cat’s Shakespeare season, with Prospero becoming Prospera in this interpretation. Physical theatre and dance created key moments such as the shipwreck and the strange ambience of the island.
  • Whole School Musical 2013 The Sound of Music: the legendary classic, given the St. Cat’s treatment with over 100 girls on stage and another 50 in the orchestra pit and backstage. The entire run sold out within a matter of days!
  • Senior School 2012 Blood Wedding: a timeless and surreal re-telling of Lorca’s epic Spanish tragedy, featuring live Flamenco guitar, 300 metres of red ribbon, a white tree and an actual snow storm onstage!
  • Middle School 2011 Arabian Nights: a collection of ensemble performances, humourously re-telling some of the most famous of the 1001 original tales with rich colours, props and live drumming.
Sixth Form Musical




This is a much loved, fun return to school for the L6 after the rigors of their exams! The production is completely directed and produced by the girls, who also operate all of the technical aspects of the production, as well as providing the musical accompaniment and performing all of the parts. The whole experience is a great challenge as well as being hugely enjoyable, with the L6 only being given two weeks to put the show on. Past productions have included “Cabaret”, “Oklahoma!” and “Grease”,“Oliver" and "The Producers".


Anniversary Halls Technical Crew

Monday nights from 4:30-6:30 is the slot for our dedicated team of “techies” to train in a variety of technical stage craft and also plot and experiment with technical ideas for forthcoming productions. Currently, this is open to any girl from L5 upwards; there are three levels of training that are delivered through workshops to any girls who wish to pursue this exciting opportunity to “get behind the scenes” in The Anniversary Halls. Once basic training has been completed, girls usually specialise in a particular area and are permitted certain operational responsibilities. Please note that no student is allowed in any technical area without permission and the correct safety equipment (this will be provided by Mr Fowler, the Anniversary Halls Technician). There is the option for students to purchase steel-toe capped safety boots of their own if they wish, but otherwise we will provide them.


LAMDA Speech and Drama classes are provided by Mrs Katie Solly and are an optional extra activity that is charged additionally. The classes are taught afterschool and in some lunchtimes and are very well attended, with continually superb results; as well as gaining a respected certificate, the girls enjoy the opportunity to make new friends outside of their houses and gain confidence in their performance skills, communication and self expression. For more information about LAMDA classes, please contact Mrs Solly on katie.solly@stcatherines.info

House Drama

This event gives all girls from U3-U6 the opportunity to partake in a fun, challenging competition that unites each house in playwriting, acting, directing and technical theatre.  Auditions are advertised by each house early in the autumn term and the competition takes place just before Christmas. It provides a wonderful opportunity for students to bond with house members from other years and is exciting and unique in the amount of students from each house who partake-we strongly advise girls to get involved in any capacity! As well as an overall cup winner, there are other prizes up for grabs such as “Best Senior/Junior Actor” and the day always makes for a joyful end of term celebration.


 6th Form Theatre Group and Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Our 6th Form Theatre Group, PULSE runs on Monday nights from 4:30-6:30PM. It is open to anyone in the 6th Form who is interested making and performing theatre, regardless of whether they take the subject academically. Last year, the group rehearsed and took a piece, Timberlake Wertenbaker’s “The Ash Girl” to the Edinburgh Fringe and received a 4* review ! Similar trips and events are planned for the future.


Click here to see the article in a previous issue of the School Magazine, covering our visit to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.