Economics Department Staff
  • Mr. Nigel Watson BA - Head of Economics and Business
    Nigel has taught A Level Economics since the late 1980s. Before joining St Catherine’s in 2006 he taught IB Economics and IB Business and Management at Oulu Lyseon in Finland. In addition to his teaching, he enjoys writing about the subject and has authored two Economics textbooks. He also regularly has articles published in magazines, such as: Economics Review and Economics Today.  He has also written an article for the Adam Smith Institute that appeared on their website. A disciple of Mises and Hayek, he is a vocal critic of all things Keynesian! In a previous life he played top level amateur cricket for twenty years for Purley in the Premier Division of the Surrey Championship; and, in the winter, football for Carshalton FC.
  • Miss Katie Brooke

    Katy graduated from Agnes Scott College in 2018 with a double major in Mathematics and Economics.  Born and raised in Zimbabwe, she gained an interest in economics during the hyperinflation crisis and enjoys exploring the interplay of economic theory and real life.  She is always happy to have a conversation about mathematics, chemistry or economics but, if you start on the topic of game theory or behavioural economics, do not expect it to be a short discussion!  In her spare time you will find her in the kitchen baking cupcakes and desserts, dancing off the extra sugar on the salsa floor or visiting the theatre.