Welcome to the Merriman House Website!

Welcome to Merriman House -one of the most exciting houses in St Catherine’s School! Merriman House was named after Doctor Merriman who was headmaster atCranleighSchooland one of the founders of St Catherine’s.

We are a very friendly house and our house colour isPURPLE! We encourage everyone in our community to participate in house activities of which we have a diverse and varied range. If you enjoy music, sport, acting or painting you will have a chance to shine throughout the School year. You do not have to have experience: we just ask for 100% commitment and 100% enthusiasm if you decide to take part -we are a very professional house and we strive to be the best! Enthusiasm has been markedly high over the years and if there was a Cheering Cup, Merriman would come first every time!

Eachhouse supports charities and Merriman has always had very close links with children’s organisations. For example, we raise money for Save the Children and the local charity CHASE through a variety of events throughout the year.We are very famous at St Catherine’s for running the Merriman House Christmas Fair:a great opportunity forthe Merriman girls to entertain the rest of the schoolwhile raising money for any charity dedicated to children. Another popular event amongst the Merriman House girls is the drama competitionin whicheveryone hasthe opportunity to get involved both backstage or onstage.

I am looking forward to having the opportunity to see you all grow, develop and flourish through the years you will be with us at St Catherine’s. In order to help and support you in the house, we have an first class team of tutors, House Captains, and Sixth Form Prefects and of course myself.

Mrs Rosa McQuade

History of Merriman House

As part of the original format, Merriman was known as the Red House.  The houses were originally known by colours, not names; the others being Blue and Yellow. In 1935/36 a new house was formed, a green house, and the houses began to be called by names rather than colours. Red House then become known as Merriman.  It was named after Doctor Merriman who was headmaster of Cranleigh School and one of the founders of St Catherine's.
This situation continued until 1976 when the whole house system was revamped by Mrs Platt. The colour houses were replaced with the present six houses and Merriman became the purple house under the leadership of Mrs Wilson.  The seventy-six members of the house got off to a good start despite losing the Deportment Cup!

All the houses support charities and Merriman has always had very close links with children's organisations, for example Help for Blind Babies and collecting clothes for the Children's County Holiday Homes.  More recently, we have supported the Royal Surrey's Abracadabra Appeal and since 1989 Save the Children has been our main charity.  In 1997 Merriman house felt very proud to receive the very special Princess Anne Award for collecting over £ 3,000.  Methods of fund-raising have varied over the years from Hallowe'en Parties to sewing marathons but for many years now we have staged our annual Christmas Fair, which is huge fun, and we continue to maintain a monopoly on the ice-cream trade!
Merriman inter-house trophies have included the Drama cup, the Best Actress Award, every sporting trophy, the Egg Race and both the Merit and Work Cups, though up to date never the Music cup (but we hope to put that right!).  Within Merriman there are awards for enthusiastic support, helpfulness and the very much sought after Merry Mug for cheerfulness, which represent our outlook on what we regard as the important things in life.  The most prestigious Merriman trophies are the annual Mrs Wilson and Mrs Gane Cups for all-round achievement, which are awarded to a middle school and senior school girl respectively. Both trophies were donated by the two previous Merriman Housemistresses; Mrs Wilson was Merriman Housemistress until 1989, and Mrs Gane until 2002.

Merriman house members believe that there is a certain quality which inspires a friendliness and closeness between the year groups and the staff. We also have an amazing ability to pull things together at the last minute in order to put on a brilliant performance in whatever we are taking part in.
Under the leadership of Mrs McQuade, Merriman housemistress since 2002, and with the support of the House staff, Mr Wright, Miss Cullen and Miss Williams, we will continue to go from strength to strength.

Merriman House Staff & Officers
  • Mrs Rosa McQuade - Housemistress and Spanish teacher
    Rosa McQuade became Merriman Housemistress in 2002, after being a member of Merriman  House since 1995, when she joined St Catherine’s. She is delighted to be part of the very merry and jolly house, whose mottos are “taking part, whatever!”, “treat everyone  as you expect to be treated” , “today is a new opportunity to try again” and “never too late”.  Rosa loves having the opportunity to see the girls  develop from a shy U3 into a very confident  U6, as well as seeing so many happy faces during the Christmas Merriman Fair. Theatre, languages and travelling are some of  her hobbies!
  • Mr Alasdair Wright - U4 Tutor and Head of Mathematics
    Alasdair Wright joined the House team in 2009 as the 4th Form tutor and helps guide them through the Middle School, offering useful advice when they get to choose their options for the Fifth Form. He also has organised the House outing for the past 4 years, to productions such as “Jersey Boys” and “Wicked”.
  • Hannah Simcock -  Merriman U3/L4 House Tutor
    Although Mrs Simcock is new to the school this year, she has thrown herself into supporting Merriman at every opportunity. When she’s not cheering on the Purple team at the side of a sports pitch, Mrs Simcock loves reading and hiking, and likes to think her baking’s quite good, too. She can’t wait to get involved in every House event going.
  • Mr Guy Brindley

House Officers

  • House Captains: Phoebe and Emily

Previous House Captains

  • Year 2017-2018: Sasha  and Cat 
  • Year 2016-2017: Claudia and Sanmarie
  • Year 2015-2016: Mica and Hannah
  • Year 2014-2015: Natalia and Katie 
  • Year 2013-2014: Abike, Ellie 
  • Year 2012-2013: Becca, Romy 
  • Year 2011-2012: Millie, Jenny 
  • Year 2010-2011: Camilla and Katherine 
  • Year 2009-2010: Emily and Liberty 
  • Year 2008-2009: Florence and Isabella 
  • Year 2007-2008: Lauren and Emma 
  • Year 2006-2007: Miriam and Rebecca 
  • Year 2005-2006: Camilla and Kate 
  • Year 2004-2005: Laura and Suzannah 
  • Year 2003-2004: Elizabeth and Elizabeth