Politics & International Relations

  • ‘Politics has nothing to do with me…’ Not true!

Just think of all the things that will have an effect on you as you grow up and leave school. University fees, the cost of petrol to put into your new car, getting a job, income tax, VAT, healthcare, transport, buying a flat or house; the list is endless (and don’t forget climate change, the fight against terrorism, trying to deal with global poverty, and all the other international issues you can think of). And all of them will be directly affected by decisions made by the UK government.

The Politics A-level investigates how our government makes these decisions and what factors influence them. It also discovers the dynamic ways in which ordinary people make their voices heard, whether in elections or taking direct action. At A2 the focus is more on political beliefs and international issues, especially those since the dramatic events of 9/11 made the world look at itself in a new way.

So, maybe Politics does have something to do with you after all. Have a look at the rest of the website and make up your own mind.


  • Do St. Cat’s girls study Politics beyond school? Yes, they do!

Girls who have studied Politics A-level at St. Catherine’s have gone on to study Politics-based degrees such as Politics & Economics, Politics & Sociology, Politics & International Studies, Politics & French, Politics & Law, PPE, and, of course, Politics itself. They have studied at a variety of universities including Bath, Cardiff, Durham, Edinburgh, Exeter, the London School of Economics, Loughborough, Newcastle, Nottingham, Oxford, and Warwick.
Further information on undergraduate Politics courses and possible careers is available at http://www.he.courses-careers.com/politics.htm

Politics & International Relations Department Staff
  • Mr Carl Gladwell - Head of Department
    email: carl.gladwell@stcatherines.info
    Studied History and Politics at Queen Mary & Westfield College, University of London. He has been at the school since 2005 and enjoys thoroughly the way that St Cat’s girls who study Politics are passionate about, and fascinated by, their subject. He is particularly interested in the way that political ideas shape societies, both historically in respect of totalitarian states under dictators such as Hitler and Stalin, and during the current day with the rise of religious fundamentalism. In his life outside school he plays bass guitar in a very loud rock band, cheers (but mostly groans) at the footballing exploits of Arsenal, and enjoys being a master chef in his own kitchen.
  • Mrs Nicola Higgs
    email: nicky.higgs@stcatherines.info
    Joined St Catherine’s in September 2013 having previously worked in both the state and independent sectors, including three years as Head of Year at a girls’ grammar school in Kent and a spell as an AST (Advanced Skills Teacher) In addition to her teaching experience, Nicky spent 18 months working as an Education Officer for the Holocaust Educational Trust. Nicky loves following current affairs and politics in the news and has found the last 18 months of UK politics particularly interesting! Nicky also enjoys teaching about the origins and history of political parties and debating with students about the ‘big issues’ of the week. Outside of the classroom, Nicky keeps very busy bringing up a young son, indulging her passion for good food and drink, spending time with loved ones and attending as many loud rock music concerts as possible!