Psychology gives girls in the sixth form a deeper understanding of themselves and the people around them as it is ‘the study of behaviour and mental processes’. The topics in A level Psychology draw on the range of human experience from violence and aggression to love and friendship. A wide variety of scientific methods are used to find explanations for human behaviour in our everyday lives. Throughout the course, theory is considered against experimental evidence. Emphasis is placed on ‘real world’ applications of psychological theory and research, particularly in the Upper Six year.

Psychology Department Staff
  • Mrs Jean Arrick - Head of Department
    Has worked at St Catherine’s for the last 17 years and was the first Psychology teacher at the school. As well as running the Psychology department she is the Principle Examiner for the OCR A Level Research Methods paper. In school she runs the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme and organises activities with the Sixth Form Charities Board.
  • Mrs Alice North
    A psychology graduate from Southampton University, prior to coming to St Catherine’s Alice taught at Denbigh School in Milton Keynes. She is particularly interested in Social Psychology and psychological disorders. She is a Musgrave House tutor and helps to organise extra curricular trips and visits. 
  • Mrs Elizabeth Kermode
    Graduated from the University of South Africa and joined St Catherine's in September 2018. Originally from South Africa, Elizabeth obtained her degree in Psychology and English. Following a year of travel, she trained as an English teacher and taught for two years in South Africa. Elizabeth subsequently moved to the UK and teaches A-level Psychology. Her previous post was at Luckley House School in Wokingham where she taught for 8 years.  She is particularly interested in Attachment and the Behavioural Approach in Psychology