Religious Studies & Philosophy

“Allah Abho, Buddha Namo, Peace be with you, Namaskar, Hare Krishna, Jai Swami Narayan, As-Salaam-o-Alaikum, Jai Jinendra, Shalom – Alechum, Sat Sriakaal and Hamazor Hama Ashobed!”
Religious Studies challenges and inspire pupil’s beliefs and values.
Religious Studies is one of the most important aspects within a pupil’s intellectual development and in particular their moral development, not only as an academic being but as a human being within a complex and diverse society.
Religious Studies will develop a pupil’s core values; equality, caring, tolerance and respect, supported by a good school ethos that has been established and the support of the community. It also builds the pupil from the inside out, developing an inner spiritual trust so as they can feel confident in their opinions and standards. A spiritual interest in a pupil’s life will help them to identify an understanding of self and morals by which they can live by in harmony with society.
Muhammad Ali states the beauty and benefit of religion in his life; ‘Islam has taught me to living a clean life physically, mentally, and spiritually elevates a persons mind, enabling him to see the world in a new light…fame wealth, and material things are empty and meaningless without a developed spirituality’.