Sport at St Catherine's is a major part of our extra-curricular provision and girls can have a lot of fun, learn new skills, learn about team work, or compete as individuals in a wide range of sports. The philosophy is Sport for All wherever we can, and we try to offer matches to as many teams as we can find who are ready to play aginst us!

Extra-curricular opportunities in Sport are available to all girls both as a recreational club or a competitive team environment. We offer clubs and Squads in: Lacrosse, Netball, Gymnastics, Swimming, Athletics, Cross Country, Biathlon, Rounders, Tennis and Squash.

We run up to 8 teams at some levels in some sports, and we encourage all girls to be active and involved in as many activities as possible. We play friendlies but also participate at a high level in all the National competitions and have many girls that have represented their county, region and country in many different sports.

We also enter team competitions in activities that are participated in off site such as golf, sailing and horse riding.

There are courses of lessons on offer in golf, tennis and squash which are paid for as Extras.

With the exciting development of the new Sports Hall complex we hope to offer even more recreational clubs and courses in acitivities such as basketball, volleyball, dance of all kinds, teen fit, aerobics and yoga, circuit training, badminton, trampolining.


We play tennis (and squash) at St Catherine’s both recreationally and at an elite level. We are currently U14 County Tennis League champions and U15 runners-up.  We have around 50 girls per year group that attend tennis squad. All girls play tennis as a compulsory activity in lessons in the summer term. There are also regular weekly fixtures for both competitive and friendly standards. Squash is an additional optional activity that girls can play recreationally or in formal squash coaching sesisons.

Tennis and Squash Coaching is available all year round with our in-house tennis coach Mrs Blake. In tennis, for the girls of a very high standard there is also a chance to attend an extra session with Matt Trevail, Head Coach of Woking Junior Tennis, but this is run alongside, and in conjunction with, Mrs Blake.

If you have an queries about tennis please contact Mrs Blake in the first instance.

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Alternative Games

The PE department is keen to support girls throughout their school careers in undertaking a balanced, active and healthy lifestyle. The ‘Sport for All’ mantra is one we stand by at St. Catherine’s.

We understand and appreciate that some girls are not necessarily keen on ‘team games’ or other sports teams we offer at St Catherine’s and therefore we feel it is important to give parents and girls a full picture of the PE programme as girls move through the school so that, first, parents appreciate what we are trying to do for girls who decide not to sign up for team practices and therefore rely on their PE lessons as their main form of exercise and secondly, to help them know what else is available to them as past of the extra curricular programme. 

Please remember that being part of the squad is entirely optional. Many girls have a variety of strengths and being in a sports squad/team may not necessarily be high on everyone’s priorities. We respect the girls for their choices and we totally support their love for other areas of school life. The PE department actively participates in, and supports school and house events, in both music and drama.

In the latter part of Middle School - Any girl who is not in sports squads is given a different programme during her PE lessons to try to ‘whet her appetite’ in a range of activities. Once again, we recognise that not every girl will enjoy an activity such as aerobics and that at the other end of the spectrum, not every girl would enjoy something like trampolining or badminton. What we are trying to do is give a range of activities which is diverse and varied. The idea is to introduce each girl to a new sport for a short programme and we hope that this will encourage her to go on and do this activity in her own time in or outside of school (depending on what is available) or later on in life as part of an exercise programme.

In the Lower 5th Form (Year 10) programme, there are 2 double lessons and girls have 4 different rotations in both PE lessons for about 4 weeks (8 rotations in total per term). This includes some aerobics and yoga/conditioning, an introduction to the fitness suite (which is a rotation in both lessons as girls seem to enjoy this one very much), swimming and then other games options such as badminton, basketball and football.

In Upper 5 (Year 11) the programme is very heavily weighted towards health and fitness based on the fact that they only have the one triple lesson a week. In this rotation they will do cross country running, swimming, fitness suite, aerobics and circuit training. These 4 fitness session are varied and teach girls different ways in which they can do fitness. They tend to find 1 or 2 that they prefer. But all these activities are fitness options they can do post school/during University and for life.

The 6th form programme becomes a games afternoon, beginning by 3.00 p.m. and whilst there are some elements of fitness the choices are much wider and more varied but the girls have the ‘choice’ and they may not necessarily do a fitness activity but might choose to do a games activity for more enjoyment than pure exercise!  If they wish, they can, with permission, pursue their own regular fitness activities outside school, such as riding.

On top of all this the fitness suite is available to all the girls from L5 upwards every lunchtime from 1.00 – 1.45 and every evening after school from 4.25 – 5.25. This is all free and available to all girls.

Swimming sessions are available to all on Mondays and Tuesdays from 4.25 – 5.25 and on Thursdays from 1.00 – 1.45. There is also a cross country club on Tuesday lunchtime and Badminton club everyThursday lunchtime.

In the Dance Studio which is just adjacent to the Fitness Suite, there is also the St. Catherine’s Dance School which is a paid option, and the Sports Club on Wednesday evenings also offers some paid activities.  Local families can join the Sports Club for very affordable rates and have access to these sessions.

I hope this has given you more information as to what your daughter could be involved in to improve her fitness. If she would like to come and see us we would always be very happy to support her by giving her a programme and some ideas about what she could do.

Just to remind parents that the beauty about what we offer is that we give girls the ‘freedom of choice’ and by doing this we don’t force girls into doing something they don’t enjoy – and then subsequently put them off sport for life: not our goal! By the time a girl leaves St Catherine’s in the U6th we would hope that she takes with her a knowledge of why health and fitness are important, an understanding of the varied and interesting range of activities that might be available to her post school and that she has discovered at least one fitness activity that she will continue to enjoy regularly in life beyond school.

St Cat’s Café

Each week volunteers sign up for slots that are 1-2 hours and it usually coincides with their daughter’s match time

The times are dependent on the fixture times – but generally Saturday mornings 9.00am – 1.00pm