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A Dickens family affair: the man behind the novels 13th November 2019

Lucinda Hawksley, the great-great-great-granddaughter of Charles Dickens gave a brilliant, stimulating and thought-provoking lecture.  She revealed Dickens’ personal and family relationships, examining him as a husband, father, friend, and social activist in Victorian England. Understanding more about his childhood, his journalism, his family and his travels helped us see how these influences inspired so many of the characters in his books.  Lucinda, who is a prolific writer herself, pitched it just right with interesting nuggets for knowledgeable parents and accessible stories for the girls. 

‘What a lovely treated for an evening out, I thought Lucinda Hawksley was excellent.  It was so interesting to hear what a social reformer Dickens was. No wonder he looked ancient by middle age!’

‘My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed Lucinda Hawksley's talk last night.  It was most interesting, and we learnt a lot about the great man. ‘