Welcome to the St Cats Association in Australia

Contact your Ambassador, Fiona Thomas -

If we haven’t already met at one of our reunions or events In Australia (and NZ) may I introduce myself?

After teaching in New Zealand and the Solomon Islands, I arrived in the UK in the early 1980s with my Australian husband Ian and our family.  I taught in Woking before joining St Catherine’s Prep School in 1989.  Over the following 15 years I wore several ‘hats’: from Form Teacher, through Science Co-ordinator, Director of Studies and Deputy Head (Curriculum.)

When I retired in 2013, Ian and I moved to Melbourne, Australia where I ‘relief teach’ at the local primary school, volunteer in the school ‘Kitchen Garden Teaching Programme’ and keep busy with church and community activities.  With three children and two grandchildren still in the UK, we travel to the northern hemisphere to spend time with the family each year.

As I have travelled in Australia (and my hometown, Wellington, New Zealand) I have met several St Catherine’s Association members through hosting reunions, lunches, or even just meeting for a coffee to share that St Cats comradery.  Listening to their stories of life at St Catherine’s and beyond, has been fascinating.  Another enjoyable task is meeting the St Catherine’s Bramley Exchange girls when they spend a term at St Catherine’s, Melbourne.

If you are in Melbourne, visiting or moving, I’d love to meet you and perhaps put you in touch with other Association members.

Fiona Thomas