Boarding Houses

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Boarding at St Catherine's is based on our long experience of girls' needs at different stages of their development.  Therefore, our four Houses, Bronte, Symes, Keller and the 6th Form, have been designed specifically for different age groups.  They are not related to the six day School Houses, each of which contains about 100 girls from Upper 3 (Year 7) to Upper 6 (Year 13). 

We work very closely with parents and realise that contact with home, their family and friends is important in helping girls to settle into boarding life; many girls use Skype and FaceTime.  The girls can use their own laptops, iPads and other mobile devices in all boarding Houses through the School’s wireless network, although access for younger girls is restricted at lights-out and electronic devices are handed in overnight in the younger years.

Under the careful direction of our Head of Boarding, each boarding House has a dedicated Housemistress and supporting staff.