Boarding Costs

The value of boarding?

The transition from prep./primary education to secondary is an interesting time for families; your 11 year old would certainly like to consider herself becoming more independent and it may also coincide with a time when ‘mum’ may feel it’s time either to return to work full-time or to re-train.  This where you might wish to consider weekly boarding.  It also makes financial sense: 

  • Full-time, live-in nanny: approximately £32,000 per annum
  • Child-minder – at £93 per week: £4,836 per annum

For the latest boarding fees, please see our fees page. 

Don't forget to factor in the 'added value' of boarding which makes it an even more attractive prospect: 

  • A huge raft of extra-curricular activitie on-site plus most weekend trips, all inclusive
  • Expert pastoral care and attention
  • The opportunity to experience greater independence in a secure environment 
  • Fully supervised prep. with easy access to resources and support 
  • Less time spent commuting for all the family and reduced fuel costs
  • Friday evening drop-off bus to SW London

St Catherine’s is consistently ranked in the Top 10 of girls’ schools for the quality of A Level results and represents the best value for money of any of the schools listed in the Top 10 in October 2013 (source:

For more detail about boarding fees, please click here.