In January, we kick-started  the year with the annual LSE competition, followed by The Churchill Public Speaking competition at Charterhouse in January with the Rotary Youth Club competition. 

What our Debating Prefects have to say

Debating is an activity that requires you to be able to think intelligently and concisely under pressure, something I consider to be a fundamental life skill. It also teaches you how to construct a clear and coherent argument, whilst picking apart the argument of the opposition. It does not matter if you have no prior knowledge on a particular subject either, as through practice, you will be able to tell where the fundamentals in every argument lie; this is always where the most interesting debating takes place!

For me debating is, more than anything, a chance to express your own thoughts and opinions backed up by evidence and reason. It gives you the opportunity to show your passion for current affairs.  You also get to hear the different viewpoints of a variety of other people which can often influence your own take on issues. As well as this you learn that sometimes you must take a stance and defend something that you may not actually believe, which I think although can be difficult is a vital skill. In fact, simply being able to address others and speak coherently in front of an audience is really an invaluable skill. Lastly, debating is something which will not only improve your eloquence but also your general knowledge and reasoning ability and it really is so much fun too.


Cambridge University Debating:

The Cambridge University Schools’ Debating Competition took place here at St. Cat's, and once again, we were happy to host this prestigious event.

  • The L6 team - Phoebe Drummond and Olivia Okoli 
  • The U6 team - Megan Crane and Phoebe Garthwaite.

The first motion for the evening was: THW not allow governments to fund reconstruction in areas prone to natural disasters.  

And both team took first position in their debating rooms, this meant that in the second round our two teams would have to go head-to-head, to battle it out for a place in the next phase of the competition.

The second motion was: THBT armies should perform genetic enhancements on consenting soldiers.

The room was hard fought with valid arguments on both sides, unfortunately, however, there can be only one winner and the team going forward is:

The L6 team: Phoebe & Olivia

Congratulations to both teams however, they were the top two teams on the night.

Rotary Youth Speaks

27th January

Well done to all Rotary Youth Speaks competitors.

A special mention to Grace, Marie-Louise and Victoria who will be progressing to the next round.

26th January

Congratulations the the Rotary Youth Speaks teams for their wonderful performances at the Guildhall in Guildford last night.

Tabitha was named Best Speaker and Grace  was named Best Chair.

The following girls are progressing  to the district round:

  • Grace , Marie-Louise and Victoria.

Congratulations to them and to all competitors for wonderful individual and group performance.

ESU Winston Churchill Public Speaking Competition


Congratulations to St. Catherine's Team 1 for breaking to the second round of the ESU Winston Churchill Public Speaking Competition. The second round takes place on the 2nd of February at the Guildhall in Guildford.

LSE Schools' Debating Competition


Last Sunday, six L6 girls took part in the LSE Schools' Debating Competition in London. Each team took part in 4 debates on the following motions:

  1. This house would give celebrities harsher punishments than other members of the public for the same crimes.
  2. This house would ban emergency services from striking.
  3. This house would replace classic literature on the national curriculum with popular works of teenage fiction.
  4. This house would abolish patents on green technology.

Despite their efforts, the girls unfortunately did not break through to the final; however, all of them thoroughly enjoyed the day and greatly developed their skills of argumentation in the process. Well done, girls!

Cambridge Finals 

Rotary winners 

Rotary winners 

Ready to debate!

Guildhall, Guildford 

Guildhall, Guildford 

Guildhall, Guildford 

Poised for the challenges ahead!



Senior Debating