Foundation 2018

Foundation Day 2018 

Sunday 23 September

On Sunday 23rd September 2018, over 150 members of the St. Catherine's Association gathered to celebrate the school's birthday. The afternoon consisted of a chapel service, tours of the school and an amazing behind the scenes talk from Mr Philip Friend about his experience as a contestant on Britain's Best Home Cook.

This was followed by afternoon tea where we enjoyed some birthday cake and delicious canapés made by Mr Friend. 

Foundation Day : A recipe for a celebration

Philip Friend, Senior Maths Teacher at St Catherine’s School, Bramley, and finalist on the BBC’s Britain’s Best Home Cook 2018, was the keynote speaker at the School’s Foundation Day.  To celebrate its opening on 25th September 1885, guests were invited to a special service in the School’s own Chapel and a birthday afternoon tea.

Regaling the 150-strong audience with tales from behind the scenes, Philip talked about his choice of dishes and Claudia Winkleman’s mischievous interventions and revealed that the food was cold by the time we saw the judges tasting the dishes.  He showed clips from the show and ended with a demonstration of how to create simple canapés, which he had created so memorably on the TV Show.  Samples of these were enjoyed with a cream tea afterwards.  With tours of the School and a dip into the School’s archives, members of the St Catherine’s Association had a recipe for a very enjoyable afternoon.

It was a lovely atmosphere, service and fab speech and canapés. I brought my parents this afternoon and my Dad has just text me to say that he was struck once again by the ‘joy’ of St Cat’s!