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Contact your Ambassador, Andrea Leung (Current Parent) - ambassador.hongkong@stcatherines.info

Firstly, I would like to congratulate you for being a St Cat's parent!  I have been a St Cat's parent since 2011 - my eldest daughter, Charmaine, graduated in 2015, while my other daughter, Denise, will be graduating in 2019.  Both enjoyed their time here.  Studying abroad can appear to be a daunting experience for both parents and daughters, from what to bring, to what flights to book!  Hopefully with my experience, I will be able to help you with your queries, no matter how big or small.



Mrs Leung's daughter Denise (U6) has written about her experiences of joining St Catherine's in Year 9:

I joined St Cat’s at U4 while my elder sister joined at L5. By contrasting our experiences, I feel that U4 was the more appropriate time to join the school. I feel that joining in U4 gave me the time and opportunity to meet and spend time with everyone in the year. Even though we were separated into CLUGO, we were able to mix well, so I met and made friends with everyone in the year. U4 was also a great time for me to get involved in after school activities, particularly playing chess and spending time in the Art Block. On the other hand, in L5, as we got divided into classes through GCSE subjects, my sister was less able to engage with classmates in her year. We also started to concentrate on our work as GCSE approached, hence there was also less time to spend with one another after school.

As an international student, being away from home can be difficult at times, particularly in the beginning. I think being able to make friends early helped me a lot through that stage. I was also able to discover area which I never thought I would have had the opportunity to. 

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