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The Prep School Library provides a bright, comfortable and cosy place for girls to browse, read and research. The library is generally open from 9:15 am – 2:45 pm Monday through Friday during term time. The Library is managed by a part-time librarian, who is supported by an enthusiastic group of parent volunteers, the Bibliocats. The girls are encouraged to visit the Library during morning break, lunch break and after school. In addition, every form has a regularly scheduled period to visit the Library each week to exchange books, research and work on prep or simply enjoy quiet reading time. All girls are expected to observe the published Library Conduct when visiting the Library.

The Librarian and the Bibliocats, working with members of staff, organise a range of activities which stimulate the girls' natural interest in stories, help them learn more about their world and support curriculum based topics. These activities include author visit (Librarians' Literary Lectures) , storytelling sessions, quizzes, book reviews, lunchtime book clubs and periodic book fairs. The Bibliocats also run an annual Reading Scheme in order to encourage each girl to read a broader range of both fiction and non-fiction books suitable for their age and comprehension level and to develop their independent learning skills. 

The Library is well stocked with over 8,000 fiction and non-fiction titles as well as a collection of newspapers and magazines aimed specifically at children.