Residential Trips & Tours

St Catherine's offers girls the opportunity to take part in residential trips and tours in school holidays which underpin academic study or enhance the enjoyment of extra curricular sport and music-making.  

A pattern of activities has established over time to let parents and girls plan holidays and financial management of such opportunities and is available HERE. It will be updated at the start of every term. 

Approximate costs can be gleaned from the publication of the final cost of the last such trip which is given on the chart. Note that these sums do not factor in pocket money.  Some sports tours also include fund-raising elements and parents work together with the PE Department to support this. 

Individual ClarionCall emails will be sent to those invited to consider taking part in all these trips/tours, well in advance of the tour itself. This grid is therefore a record of past activities and forecast of the known future plans. Please accept that a past pattern of activity may repeat but may be subject to variation.  Trips and tours should not be assumed to be offered ahead if they are not published here. 

If you have any queries concerning forthcoming touring opportunities please contact 

Sheila Kelsall
School Administrator