The Boarding Day

The Normal Daily Routine for U3 (Year 7) girls

7.00-7.30am Get up!
7.30am Breakfast – supervised by boarding staff, then return to dorm to get ready for the day.
8.15am Dorm check off – girls may not leave until their personal space is acceptably tidy!
8.30am Registration in form rooms – the girls are now in school for the day and should not return to boarding unless there is a pressing need and must get permission to do so.
  School day to 4.10pm
4.10pm Tea - Girls may return to boarding to change if they wish.
4.30 – 5.30pm After school activities. U3 girls will be asked to sign up for a minimum of three of these per week.
5.30 - 6.30pm Relaxation time. Girls can be upstairs, making a snack, changing, unwinding in the common room, can shower now if they have just had sport, can use the music practice rooms to keep those instrumental or singing studies properly supported, watch TV or use the computers. This is a good time to phone your daughter if you want to. On some evenings our Gap students will organise "Gappie Games" for the U3 group and any L4s who want to join in.
6.30pm Supper – supervised by boarding staff.
7.00 - 8.30pm Prep. time in the Computer Room or the library. Both locations are supervised by staff and your daughter should feel able to ask members of staff about any issues with prep. All girls have access to a computer to replicate what their day girl peers are likely to experience at home. On one night a week there will be swimming and on another night there will be Badminton so any extra prep time needed can be made up in the relaxation slot earlier in the evening or when a girl does not have an after school activity.
8.50pm prompt Roll Call in St. Angela Common Room – an essential point every evening to check we have everyone and give out important information. Roll Call also provides a short forum for girls' personal notices.
9.15pm All U3 should be ready for bed having brushed teeth, showered and so on. Reading time until 9.30pm is the calm end to a very busy day, and mobile phones are handed in before.
9.30pm Lights out and sleep! Tomorrow is another busy day!

The boarding day is more or less the same in all Houses, although ‘lights-out’ becomes later as the girls get older.  Up until the Sixth Form most of the day is spent in uniform until school ends and the girls change into ‘mufti’ to go off to their chosen activities.  After these and ‘own time’, during which the girls are free to choose to do music practice or extra reading or simply relax, there is supper and then prep.  Roll call follows and then girls get ready for bed at the appropriate time.

The school offers wonderful opportunities for boarders to develop skills and interests through the provision of a wide variety of activities and clubs.  These are offered to boarders both during the week and at weekends’.

Source: Our most recent Ofsted Boarding Inspection report