Pottery Club

Pottery Club is open to all year groups. This is a relaxed, informal opportunity for the girls to create their own work or catch up with class work if they have fallen behind through absence. Some girls enjoy attempting quite an ambitious project, which may take them several weeks to complete, while others sometimes produce quite a rapid succession of smaller creations as presents for family and friends.
There is also the opportunity for girls to learn to throw on the wheels, which is always great fun at the very least, and at best tremendously satisfying when they discover they really can centre the clay and produce a professional-looking pot.
As numbers are limited a new list is put up each term, enabling all girls to have the opportunity to participate if they wish.

Art/Printmaking Club

This is a weekly club specifically aimed at middle school classes with a range of activities on offer. Like pottery club, art club enables students to take part in new projects and trying out new materials and techniques, or offers an opportunity to catch up or extend class work. We also do group projects like designing and making specific scenery for school plays. There is a buzzy fun atmosphere with all year groups interacting well and encouraging each other. Often the art prefects and mentors are around to offer advice and inspiration. There is no pressure to produce anything however girls tend to leave happily clutching a new masterpiece each week!

Boarders Art Club

This is a weekly club for boarders who are senior artists and want to use the art facilities in the evening to further their coursework and to complete weekly preps. It is an informal atmosphere run by the gap students. The girls have access to the art room, pottery and computer suite.

Photography Club

Photo Club is open to all girls in the Middle School. The ten-week course takes girls on a journey through photography, from the most primitive pin-hole camera to traditional black & white photography and ending up with digital manipulation of the photographic image. The sessions have a relaxed atmosphere with an emphasis on enjoying the process rather than trying to master the technical aspects of photography.  As places are limited to eight a new list is put up towards the end of each Creative Arts Rotation, allowing all girls the opportunity to participate if they wish.

Senior Art Cub/Life Drawing

We offer after school sessions for senior girls in order for them to work on their GCSE/AS/A2 studies. There is a relaxed atmosphere with staff on hand to help if required but it is not a taught session, unless special arrangements are made. We would encourage senior girls to make use of this provision as they have access to all the equipment they need and a creative environment in which to develop their work.  The 6th form shed is available for the senior artists at all times and over weekends.