Bursaries & Scholarships

Bursaries (Help with Fees) and scholarships are not the same. Bursaries are awarded on formal assessment of proven financial need and after a thorough form of means-testing, but your daughter will still have to show academic ability. Bursaries will be reassessed every year and if your financial situation changes, so will the amount of any bursary.  At St Catherine’s, scholarships are awarded on merit and may be offered for academic excellence, or for exceptional talent in Art, Textiles, Drama, Music or Sport. Scholarships are not means-tested.  

Bursaries/Help with Fees

The School offers a number of means-tested places to girls at age 7 (Year 3), age 11 (Year 7) and at Sixth Form.  Help can be provided up to 100% of the fees.  We also cover essential extras such as uniform, iPad, trips, music tuition and The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme etc.  Help with fees is provided by the school and by generous individuals who choose to support girls’ education through the Bursary Fund.

Applicants will be asked to share information, in confidence, about their finances with the Business Manager.  The School have a Bursary Awards Committee that will then if we can help with fees and how much support we could give.  The % of help with fees will be determined by the analysis of your finances and should help with fees be offered this process will be repeated repeated annually.  Any offer of help with fees would be subject to parent/guardian attendance at an Open Morning, the candidate passing the School’s Entrance Exam and a home visit.  

  • For more detailed information on help with fees, please refer to our Bursary Policy here. Means Tested Bursaries (updated 7 June 2018)
  • If you would like to consider making an application for help with fees, please contact the Senior School Registrar - Mrs Clare Woodgates - admissions@stcatherines.info
  • Our Bursary/Help with Fees Application form is here. Bursary Application Form


11+ (YEAR 7)

There are four Academic Entrance Scholarships available for pupils at age 11.  These are awarded on the results of the Entrance Examination.  Two scholarships are for 20% of the fees payable and the other two are for 10% of the fees.  These are for the first five years of Senior School and are extended through the Sixth Form at the discretion of the Headmistress and in consultation with the teaching staff.


The following scholarships are awarded during the Summer Term L5 (Year 10) and in the Autumn Term U5 (Year 11).  Selection for the awards is based on the results of the June examinations at the end of the L5, performance throughout the L5 year, a Scholarship Examination paper and an interview.  Full details are sent to the parents of all members of this year group at the beginning of the Summer Term.

There available Sixth Form Scholarships are:

  1. Margaret Kaye Scholarships 
    These are scholarships of 20% of the fees payable to run for three years, through U5 (Year 11) and the Sixth Form.
  2. Sixth Form Scholarships 
    These are scholarships of 10% or 20% of fees.  The number can be extended depending on the performance of the candidates and the recommendations of the awarding panel.
  3. The Sixth Form Music Scholarship
    There are two Music Scholarships.  One, to the value of 20% of the School fees is awarded during the Autumn Term of U5 to a girl who intends to study Music A Level alongside her practical music-making.  The second is to the value of 10% of the School Fees and is awarded to a girl who makes a significant contribution to School music-making but will not take Music A Level.
  4. The Sixth Form Art and Textiles Scholarship
    There is an Art and Textiles Scholarship to the value of 20% of the School Fees, awarded during the Autumn Term of U5 (Year 11).
  5. The Sixth Form Drama Scholarship
    There is a Drama Scholarship to the value of 20% of the School Fees, awarded during the Autumn Term of U5.
  6. The Clare Gregory Memorial Sports Scholarship
    This is awarded for sporting prowess and is for 20% of the day fees in the Sixth Form and is awarded internally at the end of the Spring Term in U5 (Year 11).  
  7. Scholarships for New Entrants to the Sixth Form
    There are up to three external academic, Art/Textiles and Music scholarships of up to 20% of fees and these are awarded at the discretion of the Headmistress, to new pupils joining the School in the Sixth Form.


An 11+ Music Scholarship of 20% of the fees and tuition on one instrument may be awarded annually upon entry to an 11+ candidate judged by the Director of Music and an adjudication panel to have strong musical talent. A second Music Scholarship of 10% of fees and tuition on one instrument can be awarded in years where the field of applicants is particularly strong.  Applications should be made by November and auditions are in January.   

DEADLINES for music scholarships and awards can be found HERE.

 Sixth Form Music Scholarship is awarded to a pupil entering the Sixth Form – from within the School or as an external applicant - to the value of 20% of the School Fees.  

There is also a Jennifer Bate Organ Scholarship, offered in conjunction with Guildford Cathedral, which is awarded in alternate years to a girl who is already a good organist or shows potential.  This award is typically for 20% of fees payable, but may also involve a Bursary/Help with Fees if appropriate.

Further Music Awards which cover music tuition, exam fees and sheet music on a range of musical instruments from chapel organ to piccolo and voice are available to pupils in the Senior School.  Some are specifically for those wanting to take up less ‘popular’ instruments.  Auditions for Awards take place at the same time as Music Scholarship auditions.

For further information about any of the above Scholarships / Awards, please contact the Senior School Registrar - Mrs Clare Woodgates - admissions@stcatherines.info  (NB In each case the fees referred to are the fees payable by the parent for the term in question.)

Please note that the full discount is given only on the first scholarship. If any future scholarships, awards, bursaries or discounts are given to the same girl, then they are applied to residual fees not full fees.  


Further information can be downloaded from the documents below: