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The Prep School Curriculum

The girls are provided with:

  • an intellectual challenge and a sense of achievement;
  • ways to develop knowledge, understanding and skills in a manner which  encourages their confidence and gives satisfaction and enjoyment;
  • opportunities to develop their independent thinking and learning skills.skills to acquire knowledge, attitudes and learning which will facilitate further study;
  • experiences enabling the formation of worthwhile and satisfying relationships based on respect for themselves and for others;
  • the opportunity for enrichment and subject-based support through provision of a range of additional activities including field trips.
  • an understanding that learning is a life long skill from which they can derive pleasure and enjoyment.

In addition, we believe that a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities offer girls the chance to develop further many of the skills which enhance their performance in this taught curriculum.

The Prep School curriculum comprises all formal academic subjects in addition to the broader opportunities of extension activities outside the classroom.