Duke of Edinburgh's Award

Mrs Jean Arrick: jean.arrick@stcatherines.info

Duke of Edinburgh's Report 2018

During the summer holidays, we set off on our Gold D of E expedition for four tough days of walking through the hills of the Brecon Beacons in Wales.

Aside from being lost within the first twenty minutes on the first day, we managed to make our way enthusiastically through all the challenges thrown at us, including the freezing cold nights and wading through rivers. A definite highlight was the second day, where we spent most of the walk on top of a huge ridge and had amazing views all around us for several hours, accompanied by some very friendly wild horses.

It was so much fun to go through learning curves as a team, such as rationing our food after eating way too much on the first day and supporting each other through the tough third day, when we walked 30 kilometres. We finished as a stronger group, with the type of bond you can only make by doing D of E together.

The sense of achievement when we found the final checkpoint on the last day was overwhelming, and I found myself wishing this wasn’t the end of my time doing D o fE. The experiences I have had over the years from Bronze in Upper 4 to now will always stay with me, and we are all really thankful to Mrs Arrick for leading D o E at St Cat's, giving us the opportunity to take part.