Ethos and Aims


St. Catherine’s is about education in its broadest sense.  Moreover, as a girls' school, St Catherine's ensures that its students develop in an environment which suggests to them in everything they see around them that there is nothing that a woman cannot achieve.

We believe that St Catherine's girls are well placed to pursue their education when they leave school at eighteen as independent, sensible, caring and competent young women who will have much to offer in life.  We provide sound advice and guidance on further education and careers and we prepare them to take their place as citizens of the world.

Academic results are important - the school is comfortably placed in the infamous league tables - but we believe that there is much more to an all-round education for the young women of the 21st century.

Our hallmarks are the breadth of opportunity afforded to our students and the special atmosphere of support and encouragement. The philosophy that happiness at school is the key to success and enjoyment for each individual underpins everything we do.

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Inspection Reports

Please do read our recent Inspection Reports which you can find in full on the website. We are justly proud of the excellent/outstanding findings. While there are many quotable comments, these, in particular best sum up what St Catherine’s is about:

“Educational provision, in the full sense of these words, is outstanding because, above all, St Catherine’s is a learning school in which a state of satisfaction with anything but the best is not on the agenda.”  (ISI 2006)

'The strong focus on the value of the individual enables pupils to grow rapidly in self-esteemand confidence' ... .Pastoral care is excellent, based on the mutual respect between pupils and staff and the teachers’ very good knowledge and understanding of their pupils.’  (ISI 2010)

The Ethos of St. Catherine's School is embedded in its Aims which are:

  • to provide an exceptional all-round education which will prepare girls for happy and fulfilling lives
  • to create a safe and healthy school environment in which our pupils enjoy their education
  • to provide excellent academic teaching, up-to-date facilities and a wide range of extra-curricular activities
  • to foster the personal, social, spiritual, cultural and physical development of our pupils as well as their academic potential
  • to recognise each girl’s unique character and encourage her to see herself as an individual
  • to encourage our pupils to treat everyone with respect and courtesy and show concern for the needs of others, fostering team work and community spirit
  • to give our pupils the right  guidance and self-belief to help them develop fully their own talents and abilities, both in and out of the classroom
  • to encourage a love of learning and an ability to think creatively and independently
  • to encourage Christian values, thoughts and deeds
  • to encourage each girl to develop the skills of leadership and a sense of responsibility towards others, within School and beyond
  • to develop a strong partnership between staff and parents to support the girls throughout their school years
  • to encourage the girls to embrace the inclusive spirit of St. Catherine’s as active members of the St Catherine’s Association for life.