Fees Payment Options

Fees Payment Options

There are a variety of ways that fees can be paid.  

Completion of termly Direct Debit Mandate

The payment of fees is a substantial commitment and we do not take lightly your investment in our School for your daughter.  It is the Governors’ Policy to ask all parents to pay school fees by direct debit. Termly fees are due in full by the first day of each term. Payment by direct debit helps us to keep down our administrative costs and therefore helps minimise fee increases. Please note that a separate direct debit mandate must be completed for each child you have at the School and if, for any reason, however temporary, you cancel it then an entirely fresh mandate must be completed for the payment facility to be resumed.  When completing the form please remember to fill in the “pupil’s name” box in the right hand top corner. A download is available below.

Advance Fees discount (Composition Fee Scheme) 

A Composition Fee Scheme is offered to parents wishing to pay a lump sum as an advance payment for future terms’ fees, in return for which the School currently gives a credit of 0.175% per month (2.1% per annum) on the lump sum remaining on deposit at the beginning of each term.  The rate is guaranteed for the duration of your Agreement.  Rates are reviewed regularly by the Governors and may change in future. 

An overview of the Scheme, including a couple of worked examples and a standard Agreement, are available as downloads below. We can easily provide a quotation for any lump sum or for any number of terms, in full or part payment of fees.  Please contact our Management Accountant at feesinadvance@stcatherines.info, for an individual quotation.  Please note that if you are paying in advance you will still need to complete the direct debit mandate so that all extras will be collected automatically on the first day of term.